“Bloody Roots” - “Roots Of 1993’s Raw Black Metal Assault”

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“Your Weekly Heavy Metal History Lesson”...
From the fantastic SiriusXM radio show hosted by Ian Christe.
“Know Your Roots!”

  1. “The Sun No Longer Rises”

  2. “Weakness Within”

  3. “On Darkened Wings”

  4. “Nocturnal Evil”

  5. “Spilling Holy Blood”

  6. “Blasphemous Attack”

  7. “Chaosgoat Law”

  8. “Cosmic Keys To My Creations And Times”

  9. “Under A Funeral Moon”

  10. “Hecate (Queen Of Hades)”

  11. “Slaget I Skogen Bortenfor”

  12. “Carnage” (Live)